We are using finest quality of the wheat to get the best quality of the Wheat Flour.Atta is a good source calcium, iron, fiber and other minerals like selenium. Wheat varieties are called “soft” or “weak” if gluten content is low, and are called “hard” or “strong” if they have high gluten content.

 Nutritional facts per 100 gm Approx
Energy 361.0      Kcal
Total Protein 13.5        g
Total Fat 1.67        g
Saturated fatty acids 0.53        g
Monounsaturated fatty acids 0.62        g
Polyunsaturated fatty acid 0.44        g
Trans fatty acids 0.0
Cholesterol 0.0          mg
Total Carbohydrates 73.03       g
Dietary fiber 13.11       g
Sugars 0.85        g
Vitamin B1 0.4          mcg
Riboflavin 160.0       mg
Calcium 40.0         mg
Iron 6.5           mg
Thiamine 400.0       mg