Fresh Potato
Fresh Potato

Good grade ,suitable for all the country.such as Singapore,Dubai, Sri lanka and so on.

Features  : smooth,yellow inside and nature yellow skin ,no insect     

We have huge stock of new crop.

                    Fresh Potato

Style Fresh
Maturity Medium early 
Characteristics Clean surface, No insects
Nutrition Amylum, Vitamin, and many other micro-nutrition.
Cultivation Type Common
Colour of skin Pale Yellow
Colour of flesh Pale yellow
Shape of tubers Round Oval, Elongated
Depth of eyes Rather shallow
Size of tubers Large to medium sized
Dry matter content Medium to Low
Suitable for Fresh consumption
Average Weight 125-175 gm
Size Uniform
Seasonality March-May
Availability Year Round
Certification APEDA,SGS
Packaging Detail :  Mess bag and Jute bag as per customer requirement. 5, 10, 25, 50 kg Mesh bag (as per buyers’ recommendation)         

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