Available Wide range of Parking Tiles , Wall Tiles and all floor Tiles for Commercial and Residential Use with Stain Proof & Scratch Proof quality.

Wheat Flour

We are using finest quality of the wheat to get the best quality of the Wheat Flour.That are suitable for All.

100% Broken Rice

100% Broken Rice are suitable for Human Consumption. Taste to be normal, without any sourish or bitter taste.


White Rice

Long Grain White Rice is free from living insects and their larvae. Rice is merchantable, sound,without chemical smell and warehousing.


Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is enriched with Taste, Aroma, long length, non sticky which leads to desire to cook and Love to Eat.


Golden Sella Basmati

White / Golden , Superior quality, Medium-Grain , Aromatic rice, 100% pure and Sortex clean aromatic quality.



Wheat for Human Consumption. Best Quality by Machine clean Origin from INDIA. We have also Wheat for Animal feed.

Fresh Potato

Regular in shape and high in starch. Healthy food with good quality. Economical and quick delivery with Export quality.

Fresh Maize

Good quality Yellow Maize with High Nutritional Value, very dry without fungous and less damage kernels.